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General Information

Thank you for your interest in Camp Coyote and our summer camp program. Please read the following general information below. If you should have any questions, please click here to email us, or call us at 1-800-677-CAMP.

We accept camper registrations throughout the summer until all beds are filled.  May 1 is our planning deadline but we will still accept campers after that date!
Camp Coyote is 2,300 acre interdenominational Christian summer camp, ranch style retreat, and equestrian center. Every summer, Camp Coyote is transformed into an exciting residential sports and adventure camp for children ages 7 to 17. We have been family owned and operated since 1991. We boast a 55-acre private water skiing lake which provides tons of thrills for campers' enjoyment. Camp Coyote's equestrian center is as grand as Texas with 76 horse stalls and a covered riding arena. Our twelve element ropes course will have you swinging through the trees, sliding down the dual zip line, or climbing the towering climbing wall.
Who are your staff members?
Our counselors are recruited from various college campuses in Texas and the surrounding states. We primarily target Christian organizations, such as the Baptist Student Ministries, so that we hire counselors with good, Christian morals and standards. Our counselors must be at least 18 years of age and have completed at least one semester of college. Every member of our staff is thoroughly screened and undergoes a criminal background check, a week of intensive training, and CPR/1st Aid certification to ensure that we provide your camper with a safe, fun environment. In many cases, our staff are certified in their activity areas, as we provide them the opportunity to become lifeguards, riflery and archery instructors, ropes course facilitators, and canoeing instructors.
What is your camper-to-counselor ratio?
We strive to maintain 1 counselor for every 5 campers.
What if my child gets sick?
We provide on-site nursing services to dispense medication, bandage the occasional scraped knee, and provide general health care to our campers. In fact, all camper medication, including over-the-counter medications, prescriptions, and vitamins or supplements will be checked in with the nurse upon arrival at camp. Should your camper require the attention of a physician, our camp doctor, Dr. David M. Prier is but 11 miles away in Huntsville, Texas.
Does my camper stay the night?
Yes! We are a residential camp, which means our campers stay overnight where they may enjoy air conditioned cabins, three buffet-style meals a day, and as much fun as they can handle! Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer any day camp programs.
What are the sleeping arrangements like?
We divide our campers by gender, then by age into 6 cabins:
Pawnee --- 7-10 years old
Seminole --- 11-14 years old
Navajo --- 15-17 years old
Arapaho --- 7-10 years old
Cherokee --- 11-14 years old
Apache --- 15-17 years old
How many campers are in each session?
Our camp can accommodate nearly 100 people, however our camp sessions usually range in size from 55-75. We believe that a smaller camp size allows us to get to know all of our campers on a more personal level and no one gets "lost in the shuffle." At Camp Coyote, we really are family!
Do they participate in activities as a cabin group?
No. Each of our campers has his or her own individual interests and wants, so we create a personalized schedule for each of our campers. Each camper will participate in approximately 5-8 of the activities of their choice during their stay at Camp Coyote.
How long will my camper stay? What is the cost?
We offer one, two, and three-week sessions.
          One week:      $895.00
          Two weeks:    $1,695.00
          Three weeks:  $2,495.00
Do you offer any family discounts? What about financial aid?
Yes, we offer a sibling discount. The first sibling pays full price, the second child receives 5% off. We do have a very limited scholarship program that is based on financial need. Scholarships are made available through our work exchange weekends and also through donations of other campers' parents. Please call 800-677-CAMP for more information and other ideas for raising money for your child to attend camp.
What is your refund policy?
We do not issue refunds after May 1. In the event of injury or illness, or a death in the family, we will issue credit for another session, credit your camper's individual account for next summer's camping fees, or transfer the credit to another sibling in the family.
Do you provide transportation to camp from Houston?
For an additional fee, Camp Coyote will provide transportation for campers arriving in Houston at Bush Intercontinental Airport. There is a separate fee to return the camper to the airport when camp is over. We do not provide any other shuttle service to Houston or any other area.
Will my camper be allowed to call home? Or can I call the office and talk to my camper?
No, we do not allow campers to call home or to take calls in the office, except in the case of an emergency, or if camp management deems it necessary. Many times, a camper is having a wonderful time, but once they are allowed to call home, they become homesick! However, if you like, you may call to check on your camper during office hours. Additionally, see our Resources page on preparing your camper for camp.
Can I come visit my camper at camp?
We ask that you not come visit your camper while they are at camp. Visitors tend to disrupt camp activities, cause distractions and, in most cases, create homesickness among the other campers.
How about an old-fashioned letter?
We encourage campers to write home! And campers love getting mail at camp! However, don't be surprised if your camper is too busy having so much fun that they don't slow down long enough to write home! If you would like to receive mail from your camper, please make sure to provide them with self-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes, plenty of paper or stationary, and pencils or pens. To send regular mail to your camper, please use:
Camp Coyote
Camper's Name
PO Box 276 
Huntsville, TX 77342

Packages should be sent to:
Camp Coyote
Your camper's name
2715 11th Street
Huntsville, TX 77340
Please do not send gum, candy, or food in the packages as this has a potential to create a pest problem in the cabins as well as expose campers with food allergies.  Also, please refrain from sending projectiles of any kind for obvious reasons.
Well, this all sounds great! When can we come?
We host tours by appointment only in the spring. If you are interested please send us an email or call 1-800-677-CAMP.
Listed below are the dates for camp. Please note that two-week sessions may be split into 2 1-week sessions if the dates are more accommodating to your camper's busy summer schedule!
Please contact the office for additional information one splitting sessions. 
2017 dates:
Term 1:  June   4- 10             1 week       
Term 2:  June 11 - 24            2 week       
Term 3:  June 25- July 1        1 week   
Term 4:  July    2 - 15             2 week    
Term 5   July 16-  22             1 week      
Term 6:  July 23 - 29             1 week
Term 7:  July 30 - August 5   1 week  
We hope to see you soon at camp! Don't make us miss you!