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Contact Information

Camp Coyote

For Letters:
P.O. Box 276
Huntsville, TX 77342
Packages or overnight mail:
2715 11th Street
Huntsville, TX 77340

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Camper - Howlin' Hints (Frequently Asked Questions)

Dear Parents,

Summer is approaching quickly. The Camp Coyote staff is busy preparing for a fun-filled summer. We are very excited your child is a camper this summer. This information booklet is designed to answer your questions and help you prepare your child for camp.


Please read the enclosed information carefully. Fill out all of the paperwork and send it back to us as soon as possible. This helps us get to know your child before he or she arrives at camp. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-677-CAMP (2267) or e-mail us at






Camp Coyote Staff




Arrival at Camp


Opening day, registration takes place on Sunday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please do not arrive early unless previous arrangements have been made. Camp staff will be making final preparations for your arrival. Early arrival will not expedite your camper’s check in. Camp Coyote staff will be ready to receive your camper promptly at 3:00 p.m. Should you be later than 5:00 p.m. arriving please notify the camp office at 800-677-2267.


Departure from Camp


On departure day, an exciting camper farewell gathering is held at the pavilion located behind the Equestrian Center. This ceremony begins promptly at 11:00 a.m. Campers are eager to share their camp experiences with you, so don’t be late! During our closing ceremonies various awards will be given for achievements and accomplishments during your child’s stay at camp, so have those cameras ready! If someone other than a parent/guardian is going to pick your camper up, we must receive written permission from the parent/guardian who is listed on the camper application. This is for the protection and safety of your child. We will not release a child to anyone other than the parent or guardian listed on his/her camper application. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Should you need to pick your child up early please notify the camp office so we can have them ready upon your arrival. CHECK OUT TIME IS 11:00 A.M. ON THE FINAL SATURDAY OF EACH SESSION. 

Tuition Payments/Changing/Canceling Sessions


Tuition checks should be made payable to:

Camp Coyote

P.O. Box 276

Huntsville, TX 77342

Payments should reach our office by May 1, however; we will accept camper registrations until all sessions are full.  Please include your camper’s name and camp term in the memo section of your check. Please allow five (5) business days for mailing payment. Should you need to change or cancel a session you must contact the camp office immediately, preferably three weeks prior to arrival. There is a $15.00 charge for all session changes. There will be a $25.00 charge for any returned check to Camp Coyote. Register online at




All fees are non-refundable after May 1. Credit will be applied toward another session if illness or special circumstances occur at the discretion of the camp management. Should a camper be removed from camp for any reason, either by parents or camp staff, no refund will be issued. Homesickness or disruptive behaviors are not conditions for refund.





Cabin Assignments


Cabin groups are formed according to age. Friendships form quickly, so even if this is the first experience away from home, your camper will make many new friends. Camp Coyote tries to honor all cabin mate requests of the same age. However, requests must be made from both parties to be honored. Years of experience tells us it is beneficial (for all campers in the cabin) if younger campers are not assigned to cabins with older campers. There are plenty opportunities for friends/siblings to see each other throughout the day if they are assigned to different cabins.


Visitors – Telephone Calls


We are fully conscious of our great responsibility in the care of your child. In the case of any emergency, either physical or otherwise, you will be notified immediately. Consequently, we strongly discourage phone calls, either incoming or outgoing, or personal visitation during the camp session due to the interruption of schedule and the effect on camper morale. If a serious concern arises, you may contact the camp director or Kay King to discuss the situation. The telephone number at the camp is 1-800-677-2267. If you wish to visit the camp before the season begins please contact the office at 1-800-677-CAMP (2267) to set up a tour.


Cell Phone Policy


At Camp Coyote, we realize that it can often be difficult to be away from your camper for a week or more without some sort of verbal communication. However, we have a zero tolerance cell phone policy. This is a standard in the camp industry because it can create homesickness or an unsafe potential for damage or loss. Please make sure that your camper’s cell phone stays at home! If any camper is found with a cell phone, it will be confiscated and held in the office for the duration of his/her stay with us. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this matter.


Camp Mail 


REGULAR MAIL: Campers are encouraged to write at least one letter home during their camp session. Campers love to receive mail, perhaps more than they like to answer it! They look forward to hearing from their friends and family. It is suggested that the letter be cheerful and newsy in such a way as not to make first year campers homesick. DO send frequent letters, postcards, pictures etc. DO NOT encourage homesickness by emphasizing how much you miss your child or how much fun you are having on vacation while they are at camp. You may wish to include pre-addressed envelopes and stamps in your camper’s personal items. Please allow five (5) business days for mail to reach camp. We suggest that you mail at least one letter prior to your camper arriving at camp to ensure it arrives for the first day. Your child’s address during camp is:


Camp Coyote

Camper’s Name

PO Box 276

Huntsville, TX 77342-0276


CARE PACKAGES: Non-food care packages are welcomed. We request that you DO NOT SEND FOOD, CANDY OR GUM!! If a camper receives such items they will be held in the office and returned to your camper at closing ceremonies. Some good items for care packages include: puzzle books, coloring books and crayons or colored pencils, stationary, stamped envelopes, cards and cabin games, stuffed animals, etc. When you arrive at check-in, you are more than welcome to leave any and all packages in the office to be delivered throughout the week. Please label the packages clearly with your camper’s name and the day of the week that you would prefer they receive the package. Also, we can create a care package from items in our camp store. Please see our camp store staff at check-in for more information. All mailed packages must arrive by Friday morning of your camper’s final week of camp. Any late packages will be returned to you at your expense. The mailing address for packages is:


Camp Coyote

Camper’s Name

2715 11th Street

Huntsville, TX 77340


Health and Safety


If your child is taking prescription medication during his/her stay at camp, it must be in its original pharmacy container labeled with his/her name and the name of the prescribing doctor. This is required to stay in compliance with standards passed on to us from the Texas Department of Health. Please do not send medication pre-sorted into daily doses. It must be in its original container. Please label all medications with camper’s name, instruction, and the reason it is needed. DO NOT PACK MEDICATION IN LUGGAGE. All medications, including vitamins, creams, lotions, inhalers, etc, MUST be turned in to the camp nurse prior to settling into cabins. The nurse will dispense medication as directed by either parent or prescription on bottle. Our infirmary is stocked with over the counter medications in accordance with our camp physician’s orders. If there are any over the counter medications you DO NOT want your child to take you MUST notify the camp in writing. Your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance. Our camp nurse will treat all minor illnesses, bumps and bruises. In case of emergency, our camp doctor is on call 24 hours and Huntsville Memorial Hospital is only 15 minutes from camp. Parents are responsible for all of their campers incurred medical expenses. Please send a copy of your child’s insurance card with his/her health form. State law prohibits any camper from arriving at camp without their current health form. This form must be updated annually. Your child will not be admitted to camp without a current health form. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Suggestions from "experienced” parents


*Talk to your children about what to expect at camp.

*Send pre-addressed  and stamped envelopes with younger campers

*Send old clothes they recognize as their own, not new ones they aren’t yet familiar with

*Do not send valuable clothing or jewelry etc.

*Label EVERYTHING and pack light

*Submit all your forms and payment well in advance. It will save time at check-in.

*Make your departure from camp reassuring yet prompt to prevent "clinginess”


Stay Overs


Campers many times get to camp and have such a good time that they desire to stay an additional week. If a camper expresses this desire we will allow them to call home and ask permission for an extended stay. If you prefer we not allow them to call, simply notify the camp office or make a notation on his/her application and we will discourage the call.




Temporary homesickness is a normal reaction, particularly to new campers. Our staff makes a concentrated effort to help campers overcome homesickness by helping them realize it is a normal and natural feeling to miss family, friends, and many times pets. Normally homesickness is replaced by new friends and fun activities early in the camper’s stay at camp. Once they have overcome their homesickness they usually pride themselves on making such a big stride in growing up. Should the homesickness persist, parents will be contacted by the camp director or executive director to discuss the concern.


Bed Wetting


Please notify the camp office as well as his/her counselor at check-in if your camper may wet the bed. Campers should be instructed to ask their counselors for help, and every effort will be made to prevent accidents and handle the situation as discretely as possible. If you feel bed wetting may occur please send a twin size plastic sheet or mattress cover and at least one additional set of sheets for your camper’s bunk.




Special Emotional/Physical Needs


Please bring any special needs that your child might have to the attention of the camp director, his/her counselor, camp nurse and Kay King in the office. This will ensure that we are able to provide the support necessary for the individual needs of your child. We will make every effort to serve campers with physical or emotional needs; however, it is Camp Coyote’s policy to ensure the safety and well being of each individual camper and will not accept campers beyond our training and capabilities. Please call the camp office and discuss any special needs prior to registering your camper to ensure that Camp Coyote has the ability and the facilities to give the child the care he/she needs.


Swimming Program


All campers must take a swimming test on opening day to demonstrate their swimming ability. This allows camp staff to evaluate their swimming skills and help establish the safest areas in which the camper may swim or boat. Camp Coyote reserves the right to change a camper’s activity program if they are unable to pass the required test. This is done for the protection and safety of your child. If your child does not know how to swim please make a notation on his/her registration.




Parents please discuss with your child the importance of following the rules and being respectful to their fellow campers and Camp Coyote staff. Camp Coyote will not tolerate the use of profanity, verbal abuse, or uncooperative behavior of any kind. It is the policy of Camp Coyote to tell the camper of their unacceptable behavior, the camper will be asked to correct it. Further problems will result in a "time out” from activities until he/she can resolve the issue at hand. In the event the "time out” doesn’t resolve the problem a meeting with the camper’s counselor and the camp director will occur. Should no resolution come from this meeting, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the camper will be contacted to discuss the situation. In the event a camper commits such infractions as damage or theft of property both that of Camp Coyote or of fellow campers, assault, possession of weapons, alcohol, narcotics or illegal drugs, tobacco products or any other behavior deemed to be detrimental to the well being of others at camp, will result in immediate dismissal from camp to the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. It is up to the sole discretion of Camp Coyote management as to the severity of the infraction. No refund will be issued.


The Trading Post


Camp tuition will cover all expenses associated with camp.  Tuition includes a camp T-shirt and activity supplies. Camper's wishing to purchase a camp photos will be able to do so at closing ceremonies. The Trading Post will be open at the beginning and end of each camp session. At this time campers may purchase souvenirs with the assistance of a parent. Please DO NOT SEND MONEY with your camper.


Lost & Found


Everything must be marked with the camper’s name…especially towels, clothing, cameras, etc. EVERYTHING PLEASE! Campers are known to lose many items if unmarked. Camp Coyote is not responsible for lost, broken, or forgotten items. We will make every effort to return lost and found items while your camper is at camp. Return of lost items after the camper’s session is not the responsibility of Camp Coyote. After September 1st, any unclaimed items may be donated to a welfare agency. ALL ITEMS RETURNED AFTER THEIR DEPARTURE FROM CAMP WILL BE MAILED BACK TO YOU AT YOUR EXPENSE. It is extremely helpful if you take time to double check your belongings at check-out. Make sure you have the same bags, trunks, etc. that you arrived with.





Spiritual Emphasis


Vesper services and optional cabin devotional are of an inter-denominational nature and add to the philosophy of the camp. Counselors will lead an optional devotional each evening which consists of praise and worship music, skits and other exciting activities. There will be a structured activity planned for those who choose not to participate. The Camp Coyote leadership staff previews the bible studies with summer staff to ensure lessons are being taught without personal or denominational views. Staff is chosen so that they might serve as a positive example to youth. They exhibit Christian morals and values. If you do not desire your child participate in these devotionals please make your request to the camp office in writing.


Huntsville Hotels, Restaurants, and Points of Interest



La Quinta 1407 I-45 North (936) 295-6454

Holiday Inn Express 148 I-45 South (936) 295-4300

Comfort Inn 160 I-45 South (936) 438-8400



Mc Donald’s, Bandera Grill, Chili’s, Subway, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, IHOP, Jack in the Box, Burger King-Just off I-45



Skipper’s 10K Kwik Stop 104 I-45 South (936) 295-3031


Points of Interest:

Sam Houston Museum and Park Huntsville State Park

Sam Houston Statue and Visitor Center Texas Prison Museum


Directions to Camp Coyote


From Houston…Take I-45 North to Huntsville, Exit at FM 1696 which is exit #123, turn left (west) at the stop sign. Continue on FM 1696 for approximately 1 ½ miles to Hwy.75. Turn right (north) on Hwy. 75 and go approximately 4 miles to the Camp Coyote entrance on the left. Turn left onto Camp Coyote road (dirt road). Watch for signs.


From Dallas...Take I-45 South to Huntsville, Exit at FM 2989 which is exit #132. Turn right (west) at the stop sign. Then turn left (south) at the next stop sign. Continue on SH 75 for approximately 6 miles to the Camp Coyote entrance on the right. Turn right onto Camp Coyote road (dirt road). Watch for signs.


GPS… If you are locating us on your in-car GPS system, you may use the following address:

80 Rose Ranch Road

Huntsville, TX 77340

We ask that you do not send mail to this address this is for GPS ONLY.


Important notes


*Everything needs to be labeled with camper’s name.

*Camp Coyote is not responsible for lost, forgotten, or broken items.

*All clothing & equipment should be brought in a footlocker or large duffle bag.

*Bedding should be provided for a twin bed.

*If your camper signed up for a horse class, make sure he/she brings boots and long pants that fit. If you

have a riding helmet, you may bring it or use one of camp's.

*Remember to pack for extra days. No laundry is provided for one week campers. Laundry will be

provided for campers staying more than one week.



What to Bring


Bedding (twin size) Insect Repellent Sunscreen Bible (optional)

Socks Laundry Bag Shorts Sandals (pool)

Pillow Rain Coat Towels/wash cloths Flashlight

T-shirts Underwear Sleep wear Long sleeve shirt

Cap/Sunglasses Footlocker/duffel bag Disposable camera Theme night costumes

Jeans (mandatory for horses) Tennis Shoes (2 pair) Boots (with heel for horseback riding)

Stationery, stamps, envelopes, pen Toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, soap, deodarant, brush/comb etc.)

Swimsuit (one piece only for girls, no tankinis) Medicine (in original container!)

Water Bottle (Camp Coyote has previously provided water bottles to our campers. We will no longer be doing this. We recommend that you send a plastic, screw-top, refillable water bottle labeled with your camper’s name to camp with him/her. We can not adequately stress the importance of this item!)


What NOT to bring


The following are not permitted at camp. Camp Coyote reserves the right to confiscate and hold any

materials deemed inappropriate until they are retrieved by the camper’s parent or guardian. Possession of some of the items below may be deemed as grounds for immediate dismissal from camp without refund.


Cell phones - Radios -

Guns - Tobacco Products

Pagers Jewelry CDs Money Knives Short shorts

Alcohol Fireworks Gameboys Gum Candy Squirt guns

Food Illegal drugs Crop Tops Bikinis "Punk” or new wave hairdos or color

Body Piercing Clothing supporting obscene or immoral behavior Digital Cameras


Frequently asked Questions


Q: My child attended camp last year. Do I have to send a current health form?

A: Yes, the state of Texas requires a new health form signed by a physician each year complete with immunization record.

Q: What size locker do I need to send for my child?

A: You have approximately 14 inches of clearance under the bunks for your foot locker.
Q:  Can I register my child for one week of a two week session?
A:  Absolutely BUT keep in mind your child may not have a closing ceremony if attending the first week.  The closing ceremony depends on the number of campers departing camp mid-term.  Also
     be mindful that if your child attends the second week of a two week session it may be a little bit more difficult for them to adapt simply because the other campers will have been at camp for a
     week already and may have already formed friendships etc.



Registration Checklist


The following is a checklist of completed items we need no later than May 1.


Camper Application Camper to Counselor Letter Photo/Video Release

Risk Release Health Form (green sheet) Camper Profile

Camper/Parent Agreement Final payment of camp fees



Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


See ya’ll soon at Camp Coyote!