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November - 2019

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Nurses Needed!
Are you a school nurse looking for something rewarding to do this summer? Be a camp nurse at Camp Coyote! Trade your nursing services for camp tuition and give your child a summer they won't soon forget! Email us for more information!
Summer will be here...

... Before we know it! Have YOU registered for camp?

Hey, college students!

Love the outdoors? Love working with kids? Get the best of both worlds by applying for a counselor position with us! Apply now or email us for more information!

Now Seeking Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers to get involved at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Let us know if you are interested!

Mother Daughter Pictures
Hey, girls! The Mother Daughter pictures are available on SmugMug. Click HERE to view, save, print, share, tweet, and more!

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Staff Policies


Camp Coyote is for children seven to seventeen years of age. It is our desire to provide a positive Christian environment for kids, and to remove them from the pressures of everyday life. Our counselors provide the campers with positive role models and create an amazing, loving environment to help kids grow physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

POLICIES: Christian moral standards are glorified in everything we do! We try to exemplify Christ and His teaching by our actions and words. Campers need to see that we are living examples in word and deed.

  • We do not use drugs, tobacco, or alcohol on or off duty. We expect a complete commitment on this.
  • Our foundation lies in your integrity, loyalty, and honesty as a member of Camp Coyote.s team. As a staff member, you must immediately report any deviation of camp rules, policies, and practices by a camper or staff member to the Director or Executive Director, Kay King.

LEADERSHIP STAFF: Members of Camp Coyote.s leadership staff may volunteer to lead some of our vesper services on Sunday morning throughout the summer. Never at any point will any member of our leadership staff be required to lead services.

APPEARANCE: Men are not allowed to have facial hair and hair is to be neatly groomed. Men may not wear earrings at camp. Body piercing is not permitted. Staff members are expected to dress neatly and modestly at all times.

VALUABLES: Camp Coyote is not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to camp. It is best to leave your valuables at home.

GUESTS: Any visitor who wishes to enter camp property must be cleared with the Camp Director. Visitors are usually not permitted. Visitors are a distraction to staff members and to campers.


  • The primary responsibility of staff members is the immediate care and welfare of the camper. Safety is of the utmost importance and includes supervising the physical needs of the campers.
  • Camp is a time of building relationships by living, working, and playing together. Each staff member is responsible for cultivating a relationship with each camper in the bunkhouse so that all physical, recreational, and social needs are met.
  • Camp Coyote.s staff also participates in other assigned duties such as planning for evening activities or special events, or taking part in special work projects.
  • A camp workday is 24 hours long.
  • Camp Coyote.s staff is required to follow Camp Coyote.s Staff Policies & Practices and Staff Code of Conduct.

TIME OFF: All staff members are entitled to time off during their stay at camp. This is a privilege. Staff members are expected to represent Camp Coyote in a positive manner. Staff members are also expected to return at the designated time. There is a price to pay for being late! Throughout the summer, staff will receive time off on some Saturday afternoons. For special obligations, counselors need to schedule time off with the Camp Director or Kay King in writing and in advance! Note any special requests on your contract.

STAFF SALARIES: The value of working at camp is felt more in the heart than in the pocketbook. You will leave the summer with leadership experience, new friendships, spiritual growth, and memories. The experience is worth far more than a huge paycheck!

SIGNING A CONTRACT: As soon as you sign your employment contract, we expect your word to be true and binding. Be strong, let your yes be yes, and your no be no.