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Howlin' Hints for the trail

Trail Riding Rules and Etiquette.

Trail riding is a wonderful and relaxing social sport. Each rider is a team player. Some riders have more responsibility than others, but we are all responsible for each other.

We want you to have a great time while at Camp Coyote and feel that in order for us to provide a safe and fun experience we should present a few rules and tips for our riding friends.

Safety First

Head gear.Troxel riding helmets are available at Camp Coyote for all ages and head sizes. We do recommend the use of a helmet for all our guests. However, all riders under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. Adults are allowed to make their own choice.


Check your saddle and bridle before mounting. Saddle bags are not permitted on camp horses. Remember not to overload yourself or your horse with .stuff..


Be smart.dress the part!! Wear minimal or no jewelry. Do not wear flopping gear such as hats, coats, rain slickers etc. Make sure everything fits comfortably, not too tight but not too loose. Wear a safe boot or riding shoe with a heel that will fit safely in the stirrups. Hats should fit properly and have a throat latch. Jeans should be loose enough to mount the horse comfortably. The tighter the jean the harder it is to mount.


Please no stallions or green horses.

No ponying. No riding double or bareback. If your horse kicks, tie a red ribbon to the tail as a warning to other riders.


We do not allow guests to bring their dogs to Camp Coyote. Please leave them at home or with a friend Please do not smoke in the barn or on the trail. Please do not bring alcoholic beverages on the trail. Please no mounted horses in the barn, except in the riding arena. Please lead your horse out of the barn before mounting.

While on the trail

Know your signals and watch your leader for signals. Hand straight up and arm extended above head means to stop your horse as soon as possible and wait. While we appreciate your willingness to help, please do not try and assist unless asked to do so by the trail leader. Watch your leader . maintain the group speed. Please, no charging about (otherwise known as larking). Do not allow your horse to charge into the group or pass at a fast pace. Ride together so you can enjoy your friends, your horse and the Camp Coyote scenery. Please do not crowd the horse in front of you even if there is no red ribbon.

Even the best mannered horse will bite and kick.

Our more experienced riders should help .look out. for our new riders. Share your tips with them and help make them feel welcome and safe. It is our responsibility to help them learn the rules of the trail so they enjoy their ride with us.


Allow space for the gate to be opened-wait-go through gate, leaving enough room for the riders behind you to pass through the gate-then stop and wait for the gate to be closed and the rider to mount.

Anytime that a rider is on the ground all other riders/horses should stand still until the rider is mounted.

For the safety of everyone on the ride, please notify your leader immediately should you need to dismount so the above mentioned procedure can be followed.

Happy Trails from your friends at Camp Coyote