Camper / Parent Agreement

Camper / Parent Agreement

Camp Coyote wishes to provide a safe, fun and positive environment for each and every camper. We ask that you and your child review the rules and discuss them before attending camp.

  • Please read, sign and return to Camp Coyote.

    Camp Coyote Rules:

    1. I will obey my counselor and administrative staff.
    2. No physical contact with the opposite sex. i.e. kissing, hugging etc.
    3. No going in or near cabins housing the opposite sex.
    4. No foul language or profanity.
    5. I will respect the property, opinions, and space of other campers.
    6. I will not write on the walls, ceilings or floors of my cabin.
    7. No narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, candy or gum will be brought or used on the premises.
    8. No leaving of one's cabin after lights out.
    9. I realize that I am expected to participate in daily activities.
    10. I agree to follow the dress code set forth by Camp Coyote and understand that the interpretation of such rests with the administrative staff of Camp Coyote.
    11. I further understand that these are the basic rules of Camp Coyote and that other rules set forth by the Camp Coyote staff will also apply.

    It is my desire to attend Camp Coyote. My parents and I have read the rules set forth and agree to comply with these rules. It is further understood that if I do not comply with these rules I will be sent home and no refund will be issued.

  • My typed name is intended to be my electronic signature. I am applying my electronic signature below to indicate my agreement to be bound by the preceding statements.