Staff Code of Conduct

Staff Code of Conduct

  • Camp Coyote Staff Code of Conduct

    The Camp Coyote staff is a family of committed professionals who are excited about being a great influence on children. This is accomplished through an envitonment of traditional Christian family values and morals.

    By signing below, each staff member understands that his or her responsibilities as a staff member or Camp Coyote are of great importance and that his or her actions have the potential to significantly influence young children. Each staff member acts as a role model.

    Philosophy:  It is better to build boys and girls than to mend men and women.

    Mission: To provide a safe, fun-filled summer while encouraging Christian morals and values.

    Motto:   Mitakuye Oyasin. This means, "We are all Family."

    1. I will treat each camper, staff member, parent, and visitor with respect and dignity.
    2. I am aware that while on or off duty, the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited.
    3. I understand that Camp Coyote is a tobacco free camp.
    4. I will adhere to my curfew as it is stated in the personnel policy.
    5. I will protect the health and safety of all campers and staff.
    6. I will cooperate with the administration of the camp in the enforcement of all rules and regulations and I will report any irregularities that violate the rights of an individual.
    7. All staff members will have a neat, modest appearance every day. All counselors' hair must be neatly groomed (no long hair on men) and men are not allowed to wear earrings or facial hair at camp. Men are required to shave each morning before breakfast. Do not wear t-shirts, hats, etc., with drug or alcohol advertisements. All swimsuits should be modest for both males and females. Only one piece swimsuits are permitted.
    8. I understand that time off is a privilege. During my time off, I understand I am a representative of Camp Coyote and I will uphold the staff Code of Conduct and will return to camp promptly when scheduled. I also understand that failure to comply with Camp Coyote's policies will result in a monetary deduction for disciplinary action.
    9. I understand that my conduct must be that of a positive role model worth exemplifying.
    10. I have read my contractor agreement and understand the expectations of Camp Coyote to its fullest.

    With my signature, which I voluntarily and electronically affix to this document, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and will do my best to fulfill the affirmations I have made herein.